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Jay Sean in a Buy Life T-shirt

Jay Sean with the Blue Roof's cook, Veronica

Jay Sean on a home-based care visit to Sindisiwe

Jay Sean outside the Blue Roof Wellness Center

Jay Sean at the new Bobbi Bear place of safety

Jay Sean with Alikito and Roslyn at the Blue Roof

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Dearest fans, friends and family,

I was recently blessed with the opportunity to travel to South Africa and visit two of the amazing Keep a Child Alive sites. This was such a life changing experience for me because like many of us, I've always been willing to write a cheque, but physically being there and seeing everything in action made me realize how much more I can and need to do!

The first site that we visited was KCA's Bobbi Bear. They are building a new home for the rescued children. These children range in age from 6 months and older and have usually been sexually abused, sadly, by someone they know. To see what these children have gone through is absolutely horrifying and painful. What KCA and the women who are running Operation Bobbi Bear are doing is so inspirational and such difficult work. The second site we visited was the Blue Roof Wellness Center. It's a beautiful site that Alicia Keys personally funded and built up from nothing. And now it's a remarkable treatment center for HIV positive patients in Durban. Patients came and shared their personal stories of survival and strength with me and showed me how with the proper care and support provided by KCA, they can go on to lead healthy and fulfilling lives!

Going to see these sites, you immediately want to DO something! Living in the world that we live in, and having all that most of us have, it feels almost impossible to just sit back and not help. So for my birthday, I thought rather than thinking about what I need or want; why not think about what we can give to others who genuinely need it. I'm not asking for much; maybe just what your daily coffee may cost. The point is that if we all join together and just give a little, that will eventually add up to a lot! So my birthday wish this year is to help my new friends at Keep a Child Alive.

Please join me in my quest to make a difference, one step at a time. Thank you for taking the time to come to this site and see the good work being done. And I hope that you'll choose to Buy Life with me. Click here to Donate to Keep a Child Alive

- Jay Sean

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